I’m currently studying design research in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our program is called Design for Responsible Innovation. You may find my research brief here. In every each day with my colleagues and advisors, I feel grateful and fortunate that we can do in-depth research in our interested fields.

During my study in Penn State, I had the chance of exploring different disciplines such as Mathematics, Photography, Philosophy and Web Development. Taking street photography while observing people’ behavior makes me curious of their mental activities. How the history, environment, and social context influence everyone’s perception including myself. I am born in a Muslim Hui family. However, the experience of living in two different worlds makes me question myself all the time. In a period of time, I question people behaving like they have a devout Muslim while they have no idea of why they want to be a believing in Islam. I question myself not eating pork but cannot answer a question of what Hui is.

Until now, I cannot believe that I really have the opportunity to think about these questions deeply in my design research rather than leaving them in the back of my head. Fortunately, my family, friends, advisors, and colleagues are being so supportive with both my emotion and the work. I wish that my research can also benefit Hui sisterhood and brotherhood who have had the similar experience with me.

May the force be with me in my future study...

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